IE7 (32-bit) - Multiple Application Failures (on 64-bit Vista)

Overview: Using IE7 (32-bit) on 64-bit Vista Ultimate Notebook. Don't ridicule me; I HAVE to use IE7 to access my course website at UC Berkeley to do my computer labs because Firefox DOESN'T WORK on their site.

Problem: IE7 crashes DAILY!!! It's somewhat shocking to see your Reliability Index at 1.2 (I'd say 90% of the failures are IE7 related - the rest were driver issues)

In any case, WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE IE7'S 32-BIT STABILITY???? AS FAR AS I KNOW, the 64-bit IE7 is AWESOME except it can't use Adobe Flash.... :( I wanted to reinstall IE7, but is that possible???

Any input appreciated; thanks.

Notebook specs if wanted:

IFL90 - 4Gb RAM - Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0Ghz
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  1. I'll just toss this out there - do you have protected mode enabled on IE7? I have seen it cause crashes before, might be worth trying it with that mode disabled.
  2. Although I don't like the notion of lowering security features, I will try that and report back in the next few days if it still happens. Thanks.
  3. Well, seems like IE7 (32-bit) crashed again on close - the browser froze and Windows had to end it.....well, if anything, I'm receiving an external HDD soon and I may just reinstall Vista... funny that I haven't had issues with the 64-bit browser. Could it be that when I installed some add-ons to IE7 (32-bit) that corrupted some system files (at least 32-bit system files)?
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