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When i boot up my computer it takes quite a long time to load after post to the logon screen, it just stays as a blank screen for 30secs-1min or so until the windows logo and loading bar appear. It didn't do this when i first installed vista ultimate and i'm not sure if i caused it, don't know how i could have. Everything else is working fine just thought this was strange and is somewhat annoying. Any ideas?
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  1. Well fine then, guess ill just leave it
  2. My dad's machine used to do that, try reinstalling windows vista.
  3. it could be a simple system hang, could be some processes running that could be slowing loading time,

    -Run/msconfig and go onto start up ensure that only neccesary processes are running at boot up some of these un-needed ones could be causing the problem.

    -Try defragging the hdd, sometimes a few files that are fragged up could cause hanging and slow performance

    these are the only things that i can think of at the time, if you can't find a solution to your problem then i can only suggest maybe a repair/clean install of vista.
  4. Drivers hanging out form now uninstalled hardware, bad drivers, and lots of garbage in the Start settings will cause the kinds of slowness you are talking about. Don't bother to reinstall, you may not get all the garbage and only make the issue worse. Clean it up, instead.
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    try this - click start, type in "Performance Information and Tools" (without the quotes). Then, click on the "Advanced tools" link on the left side. At the top of the screen, see if there is anything listed under "Performance issues" - if you have any program that is taking too long to startup, it 'should' get identified here.
    Also, is your antivirus up-to-date? And if so, when did you last scan (full) your system?
    As Mazuk susggested, use msconfig to see what is starting up and see if you can disable unnecessary stuff.
    What is your config (CPU/RAM/HDD)?
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