How to reformat compaq presario 1200 computer

I have an old (really old) compaq presario 1200 laptop computer. It currently used windows ME, but is really slow and having issues loading up and closing down. I would like to put a new operating system on the machine just to keep it going enough to print coupons from the internet (meaning I need internet explorer 7 or great or equivilant).
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  1. Looking at the specs of this laptop, you should be consitered lucky to try and pull Windows ME, which explains why it's so sluggish. Windows 95/98 would work better on it but do not support IE7. Windows XP SP2 is the oldest version to support IE7, and Windows XP isn't an option on such an old laptop.

    If you really NEED to use that laptop, then I suggest powerful but supported browsers such as Opera and Firefox.
  2. The laptop is slow because it's slow, installing anything even half-way modern on it will be a waste of time. Spend a $100 and get a laptop from 2005 or so to use.
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