Looking for LiveCD/DVD of Ubuntu with OpenOffice and FireFox

Hi all,

I am looking for a distribution of Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution) with OpenOffice and FireFox to use as a LiveCD/DVD. The reason I am going to try out Linux is last week my system got screwed up and this week a friend of mine's system got screwed up. Right now I am fixing her laptop but it is no biggie.

No we are not giving up Windows Vista at least she is definitely not because she needs it for school and so do I.

I do, however, want to see what Ubuntu is like and backing up a ton of files from the command prompt is no fun even with XCOPY. Also a year ago someone in one of my classes had a Dell laptop that he installed Ubuntu on which looked cool but I did not really spend much time with it.

Thanks in advanced.
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    Ubuntu desktop comes with and Firefox on the live CD.

    Version 8.04 has 2.4 and a slightly older version of Firefox because it is now a year old.

    Ubuntu 9.04 will be released later this month and should include the latest versions.

    What are the full system specs of the systems you plan to run ubuntu on?

    Good luck :)
  2. Of course Firefox will update once you get onto the Internet anyway. I can't remember if it uses version 2.x or 3.x though.
  3. Mint = ubuntu x2
  4. Mint is good, but it still has that annoying GNOME problem whereby you can't change the number of lines scrolled each time you move the wheel :( That's the one thing I find really nice about KDE, you can change it easy. Everything else about KDE kinda annoys me (at least KDE4.x anyway). :lol:
  5. Simply MEPIS and Mint seem to be excellent distros, esp. for 1st time users.

    PCLinuxOS is also highly recommended but I couldn't even login when trying the live CD. (Unlike Simply MEPIS, which tells you the password, PCLinuxOS (2009.2) does _not_. I tried 'guest', as per what I found via Google, but it simply won't work.)

    randomizer said:
    Of course Firefox will update once you get onto the Internet anyway.

    Even on a _live_ CD?

    I'm trying to figure-out how to update IceWeasel in antiX MEPIS 8.2 live
  6. Digital_Dissident said:
    Even on a _live_ CD?

    Looking back at this old thread, I wonder why I even said that. I don' actually know if you can update while using a Live CD or not, but it's not meant to be a permanent "installation" so even if you can't it wouldn't matter. Of course, even if you can update it the changes will be lost at the next reboot, unless you're using a "Live USB" where changes can be written to the flash drive.
  7. You'll be able to update some live CDs but you'll lose all your updates after you reboot or if you lose power.

    On fedora live for example you'll be able to yum new software and on ubuntu you'll be able to apt-get new software and the new software will run great from your ramdisk, as long as you've got enough ram, but once you reboot it'll all disappear.

    Semper Fi :)
  8. Anybody ever done it with a DVD R/W disk and a boat load of ram? In theory you could load the OS and burn an updated version back onto it. Maybe a rainy day project with Slax..
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