change drive letter with Paragon Partition Manager 8.5??

Hi folks,

just built a system with sata 750 GB HDD and sata 1 TB HDD.
OS is installed on 750 GB disk as C, but it sees my DVD-RW as D and (after daemon install) my 1 TB disk as F.
I used Paragon Partition Manager, version 8.5, build 1473 (07.03.07 ) Professional to format the 1 TB disk as ntfs, but want to change its letter to D and the letter of the DVD-RW to E. Can I do this with Paragon Partition Manager, version 8.5, build 1473 (07.03.07 ) Professional???

help please!!
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  1. Right click "my computer" and select "manage". On "computer management" menu on the left select "storage/disk management". There you'll see all your drives. Right click on any drive select "change drive drive letter and paths...". You can then change your drive letter. No need for third party software... It's easy within windows.
  2. great. thanks!!
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