Boot new HDD from ubuntu download?

My tale of whoa! As in whoa, I cant find my XP disk.

I have an old IDE hdd and my no mobo is only sata, which is fine i needed a new hdd anyways. Anyhow, I lost my XP disk but have the code so mu buddy says hey, just boot your new hdd with ubuntu. Sound easy enough but my questions are

1. Is it really as easy as downloading ubuntu to my desk top, saving it to a disk and then putting the disk in my new build and voila! Everything will be gravy?

2. Suppose it works out that easy, does ubuntu allow one to partition their hdd before install like Windows?

3. Having never used a linux system before, once I sail through the install with no complications, can I just throw any of my games in the tray and load and play like normal?

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  1. 1) You have to burn the (iso) image to a disk (using something like Nero), not copy it.

    2) Partitioning is part of the install process, you can accept the default of set your own, but you will need to know what you want first.

    3) Nope, some games (and other Windows programs) will run under Wine (a Windows emulator) and some won't.
  2. I'd suggest a program called ImgBurn for burning the .iso. It's a free program, and it's easy to use.
  3. can burn CD ISOs on XP ( free :) )

    If you can't burn the ubuntu ISO onto a CD or DVD you can transfer it onto an SD card or USB stick.

    Good luck :)
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