Why would TaxCut require Admin to run? Malware?

TaxCut, which has previously been well-behaved, has required Administrator access to run last year and this year. Three questions

1) Is there any reason to require Admin to run other that doing hidden things to my machine, perhaps in the name of protecting their intellectual property rights?

2) Can anyone tell me just what this software is doing on my machine?

3) Am I overly paranoid, or is it reasonable to take a system backup, run the software, then restore the system backup to eliminate the possibility that it left anything behind? I can't bring myself to trust an application that isn't system-related but required Admin access to run.

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  1. I would guess it's a security precaution to keep people without Admin privileges from accessing the program, e.g., kids or someone visiting using the computer. At least for people that use Guests accounts it would work
  2. to stop people from changing your, or anyone else's tax data.
    ..get a firewall.
  3. re: "to stop people from changing your, or anyone else's tax data.
    ..get a firewall. "

    Jeez - gimme a break. I got a firewall (and antivirus and spyware and so forth). Hardware firewall too. And if I wanted to be talked down to, I'd go visit my boss.

    There is lots of data on my computer that is private, and adequately protected.
  4. #2 your firewall should tell you what it's doing. System registry too.
    #3 sounds like a good idea.
    ... i called H&R, they say it's SUPPOSED to do that. hah. they wouldn't tell me why.
    API monitor. It's nice to have for these sorts of things.
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