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Help! Noob here.. I just got a DLink wireless router with Rangebooster to hook up my desktop which is running XP to my laptop running VIsta.

After 3 hours of figuring it out and numerous resets I finally got internet connection on my laptop. Although I still haven't figured out what the difference is between setting up using the included disc or going to that IP address on my browser to set it up??

BUt anyways, now, using the browser based config - I set it so my SSID? remains hidden from my neighbors. Now, I try to manually connect using Vista, so I go to the 'manually add or connect to a wireless network' option. I enter in my network name - then the WEP or WAP stuff - then it asks me for a password??? Which password is that?

I tried entering the really long one generated in my desktop when I was setting up (WEP Key) but that wasn't it??

How do I connect to a hidden SSD with Vista?? Help plss...
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  1. First off just so you know, hidding your SSID doesn't offer much security, but it does prevent your neighbors or other people nearby from seeing the network and accidentaly joining it. The first thing you should do when setting up is get your computer working in the clear with the SSID broadcast. Once that is working I would set the encryption (only use WPA or WPA 2). WEP is worthless and is a pain to make the password. When setting this all up I recommend just using the IP address of the router since the software is often full of bugs or doesn't understand what you are trying to do. When you switch to WPA it will ask for a password, make sure it's sufficient in length and complexity (i.e. Uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers, and special characters). Once the WPA is set, make sure you can connect with the SSID broadcast. If that works then I would supress the SSID broadcast and you should be good to go.
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