Hal.dll corrupt - tried everything! help!


So, I was transferring a 4GB file from a data HDD to my windows HDD, and trying to run Microsoft update at the same time, when update decided to give me an error. I thought whatever, and closed IE... upon doing so, my windows crapped out and voila - BSOD.

when rebooting I got the infamous corrupt or missing hal.dll error. Naturally, i tried booting from the windows cd and getting into recovery mode. But again... BSOD!

Now I'm getting ticked off. So, I start doing some research, and all the "answers" require me to get into the recovery console - which I can't!

I decided to attempt a reformat/reinstall - guess what? BSOD when it was trying to scan the drives.

Well, I had a random 20GB HDD lying around that I decided to install XP on to see if I could access the crap HDD. After XP finished installing, I reconnected the HDD but XP would only load to the splash screen, then go black, and reboot.

So, I imagine my HDD is dead... or dying, and while the data on it was not crucial, I would still like to salvage some things. Any ideas on how to access that HDD from another XP install or from the boot CD? Can I somehow replace the hal.dll file?

Before you suggest it... "Kelly's" page doesn't have the answer I'm looking for - requires me to use recovery console!

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  1. Could try clearing the CMOS. Also run the diagnostic/repair software from the hdd mfg. Very possible you'll have to format the drive.
  2. Sounds like something in the BIOS was changed.. say the ACPI which would cause HAL problems.

    HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer

    This is the level where your computer is configured with advanced power controls, how Windows installs tailored to your hardware in your computer, etc.

    Changing core settings like ACPI would cause BSOD because the computer is changing at the core of its system.
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