Core2duo e6300....what video card should i get? NEWBIE !

New to pc gaming and was wondering what video card i should get. I have an xps 410 e6300 1.86ghz w/ 250gig and 1gig of memory. I want the best card i can get for this system, without over kill. I have read that getting the biggest and baddest card out there will require too much cpu performance. Much more than my computer has. So, should i wait for ATI directx 10 cards. I am in no hurry and i want something that will play games such as crysis (when it comes out). I dont need to run it on the max setting, but want to play it. So, what card would be the best for this system. If u want, recommend cards that havent come out yet because i can wait. Also, i am kinda partial to ATI but it really doesnt matter if it just performs well. Thanks
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  1. What are the rest of your comp spec? An 8800GTS 320 Mb will be a good choice. A DX10 card, more powerful than 8600GTS but not very expensive. Should keep you go a while then. But pay attention to your power supply 12V rail, it should be at least 26W of total.
  2. I would wait till the ATI cards come out (May 15th?) and then decide. If they aren't any good maybe they will cause the 8800 to be cheaper... :D
  3. I agree. Wait at the minimum until next Monday the 14th, when the HD2900XT is suppose to be available.

    The mainstream cards won't get here until June or July. So, if you are in no big rush, I would wait a couple of months.

    Though, if the HD2900XT comes out and drops the 8800GTS 320GB to around 200 bucks, it would be a good deal from today's point of view.

    Oh, and get another 1GB of RAM. Some games perform much better with the extra RAM. I'm sure most DX10 games will need it.
  4. Quote:
    Oh, and get another 1GB of RAM. Some games perform much better with the extra RAM. I'm sure most DX10 games will need it.

    I have to agree with you about increasing the ram and waiting at least until next week to see what ATI has to offer in terms of DX10 video cards.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I am in no hurry to get a new video card. I figure i would wait till july or maybe till the end of summer.
  6. For what purpose you play your PC?

    Daily routine or extreme gamer?

    For daily routine and not too big screen [max 1280x1024], with tight budget, I would recommend 7600GT.

    8800GTS 320Mb for extreme gamer.

    Yeah, I would recommend NVidia better than ATI because of the quality of the screen/picture, if you are a "real" gamer. If the quality does not bother you then choose ATI.

    Just look at this link for comparison.

    Quality picture of NVidia VS ATI

    It is written in Indonesian Language but you can look at the picture quality differences.
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