I have lost the ability to boot back to windows vista. I keep getting grub error 17 how can I get my lap top to boot back to windows thanks
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  1. Grub error 17 can be caused by several things...
    Incorrect disk geometry, incorrect disk format, a format change (changing FAT to NTFS for example), a damaged/corrupted Grub...

    Was it working OK? Have you changed anything recently? Which distro of Linux are you using and how was it installed?
  2. You probably installed GRUB in the wrong location. I had that error and if it wasn't for a Live CD and linux_0 I'd have lost all my data because nothing was going to boot in the state I left my PC. :lol:
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the replies so far.

    I've been running dual boot for several months now with no problems until, don't ask how, the linux partion on my hardive was reformatted from my VIsta install without any GRUB modifications. Until I tried to boot after shutting down the PC i didn't realise a problem was there but obvisouly now, GRUBS trying to laod into a partition that doesn't exist : /

    The only access to the laptop I have is by a Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD, and I was running a dual bootwith Ubuntu (reguarly updated) and Home Premium (Vista)

    Somehow, I need to either reinstall GRUB or modify it to boot into Vista, uninstall it completely and use windows boot manager, or, i think, edit my mbr?

    Thanks again for all the replies,

    Thanks, again
  4. I'd suggest very carefully re-installing Linux on the Linux partition and re-installing GRUB on your MBR in the process ( /dev/hda or /dev/sda )

    That should fix GRUB and allow you to boot Linux and windows.

    You could also run fdisk/mbr from a DOS rescue disk but YMMV.

    Good luck :)
  5. Quote:
    you usually don't loose data over a miss-install of GRUB!
    don't scare the lad!

    To clarify, I meant I nearly lost access to all my data.
  6. If you boot from the original Vista install CD and get to a recovery console (can't remember how), there is a tool called Bootrec.exe which can repair/reinstall the Vista boot files, if you search MS web site for "Bootrec.exe" there is a full description.
  7. Yea, I learned about that afterwards. :??:
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