Internet Explorer 7 not working for no obvious reason???

Hi there,

For no obvious reason IE7 has decided that its had enough and will not work on my pc. I have this problem before but have managed to get it going again after reinstalling it. However this time its taking a long vacation and doesn't seem to want to come back, roughly a month now since i last saw it working. Although i mainly use firefox i do still have a need to use IE7 for things such as updates or to view some webpages.

The page the is displayed when i open the application is the one normally seen when there is no connection to the internet, however, it can't be this as firefox works prefectly fine. I have tried reinstalling it, tried removing it through control panel and yet it still wont work. I have run an xp network diagnostic check and it has found nothing so am completely confused as to why firefox works and IE7 doesn't?

I am running a legal copy of XP Pro SP2 so isnt a legal issue.

Please could somebody help me resolve this niggling issue.

Many Thanks
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  1. Does the IE Tab Add On in Firefox work?
  2. Yea it does, but firefox doesn't seem to be very stable.
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