sooo....drivers ey?

Hey all, im researching for my first build and was wondering what components are going to need drivers for vista?
CPU? MB? RAM? MONITOR? I really have no idea what hardware does and doesnt need drivers and need some advice.
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  1. Building a new comp, huh? Your best tools are patience, a screwdriver, and (most valuable of all!!) a working computer to get stuff off of the web.

    You don't need extra drivers just for Vista. You just need the same one's you would use anyhow.

    Once your computer posts, and before you load the OS: This is a good time to load the latest BIOS ("Basic Input-Output System"). Yes, it already has something installed. But it's a good idea to load the newest available up front. You will find these on your motherboard maker's website. Some will want you to make a bootable floppy (this is the first, and hopefully only, time the working computer is actually *needed*) and then a second floppy with the actual BIOS update files on it. There will be detailed instructions on your board maker's website. Some makers (bless them!) will have the files available for you to make a CD or even a bootable flash drive image. Again - The instructions will be in the manual and on the maker's website.

    OK - The BIOS is done, and now it's on to the OS. Boot with the install CD in the drive. Vista will check out the system and prepare itself for the isntallation. When it's ready (get coffee...), it'll ask you for your licence for the OS, your name. And if you believe some people, also your social security number, driver's licence number, mother's maiden name, credit cards, bank accounts, your birthplace and dates/times as well as those of your immediate family, and dont' forget the color of your underwear on alternate Tuesdays. Later, you will get a letter from Microsoft letting you know what your sexual preference is. Try to be flexible....

    Install the OS - It can take long~ish periods of time at certain points. So have a book available, surf using the good comp, or watch TV and check back during the commercials.

    Once that's done, you'll need to install the chipset drivers that came with your motherboard - Do this first, and preferably before you connect your computer to your network. Exact instructions will be included with your motherboard.

    If you are planning on running over a RAID array, while you boot there will be an F~key to press, usually F6, to start the install process. Use the drivers that came with your motherboard, and follow the instructions your motherboard maker included in the package. If you are not installing a RAID array, don't worry about it.

    Your motherboard will probably have onboard sound which will need drivers. Again, it'll be included with your motherboard drivers and there will be instructions on how to do this. If you will be using an aftermarket sound card, know that Creative couldn't write decent drivers with a manual, eight eyes, 4 hands, three translators, a flashlight, an indian guide to tell them how, and mommy standing by to wipe their noses when the guide hollers at them for doing it wrong. This is a sarcastic way of saying that Creative *still* haven't come up with a reliable driver set for their cards, and you should look elsewhere.

    Your HDD, Floppy, and CD drives will run fine on the generic drivers Vista has. No need to bother here. NOTE: Sometimes it takes a couple restarts before the BIOS and OS will 'see' a SATA hard drive.

    When you first boot to the OS, it'll look REALLY BIG - This is the generic video drivers at work. Don't worry about it. See below...

    If you have cable/dsl, or are one of the locky ones to have fiber optic (bastid!!!), you should connect yoru Lan cable now. Vista's networking defaults are actually *very* good from a home user perspective: It should configure itself in a few moments without any input from you.

    At this point Vista will ask you to register (yes...), and will begin getting all the updates it needs. Follow the instructions on the screen. You'll need to restart a few times.

    Now: You will need Video Card drivers. The maker of your card will supply a CD in the box that contains them. Laugh at it and use that CD as a coaster so your coffee cup doesn't make marks on your desk. Reach out over your now working network, and grab the newest drivers from the maker's website and install them.

    Now you are in business...
  2. Thanks thats great information. I just hope this computer lasts until i can get the new one shipped and running.
    I few more questions though...
    Ive pretty much picked all the parts ill be using, but am worried that not all of them will be compatible with vista. Thats why i was wondering what parts would need drivers, so i can go and check that there are vista drivers available. Like will my monitor be vista compatible? Or are all monitors these days vista compatible? Or am i to assume that all new/recent parts are vista compatible? Can i be sure that the drivers that come with the mother board will be vista compatible? These are all general concerns that i need to deal with before im ready to buy.
    Also, is my new computer really going to need a floppy drive? I didn't even know computers these days still had them.

    thanks again for your great input.
  3. If you bought new parts, you should be fine. You can check with the maker for Vista drivers, if you like.

    Monitors are monitors, more or less. Some will have their own drivers. Vista's been live for the better part of a year now. So unless you're buying old leftover stock you should be fine.

    As for the floppy - It's sad that some necessity for these still exists, however small. I have an old Sony one I keep in a drawer for flashing Bios', because booting to a C prompt and installing from there is still the most reliable method. When I'm done I yank it out and throw it back in the drawer. Check with your Mobo maker - You may not need it.
  4. Im going to assume that my components are vista compatible (e6750, 8800gt, corsair xms2 ddr2, Abit IP35-E) as they are fairly new. I think i should still check the mouse/keyboard though. I dont need drivers for a power supply do I? What about speakers (Logitech x-240) and optical drive (lg 18x model gsa-h44n)? Although my monitor (LG L1953t-SF) doesnt seem to exist on the LG website, im going to assume that will work as well.
    As for the floppy, would i be able to borrow the one from this computer im on now? Its about 7 years old, but would save me buying a new floppy drive.
  5. No drivers needed for your PSU or your speakers. I dont' know that model number, but haven't had to install drivers for an optical drive in a long time. And your monitor will work just fine off of what the video card gives it.

    Yes, you would be able to unplug your floppy and cables from the old and use to build the new. That's where I got my Sony from... <grin>

    For sure, nVidia have Vista (both 32 and 64 bit) drivers for that Video card. No drivers needed for your RAM or processor. And the chipset drivers that come with that Mobo should be perfectly fine. You could check the Abit website for newer ones, tho.
  6. Ok thanks heaps, thats about it :)
    Apart from keyboard and mouse, which im pretty sure there will be one in the box or online, im just about set to buy.
    Now i just need to decide 32 or 64 bit, but ill leave that for another thread. Thanks again for all your help.
  7. Scotteg,

    Was looking for this same information when I found your post. It is clear, concise, and very helpful. It's posts like this that makes Tom's the place to search.
  8. fordy9 said:
    Ok thanks heaps, thats about it :)
    Apart from keyboard and mouse, which im pretty sure there will be one in the box or online, im just about set to buy.
    Now i just need to decide 32 or 64 bit, but ill leave that for another thread. Thanks again for all your help.

    There are a bazillion threads on 32 bit vs 64 bit.

    I would suggest, if you are undecided, buy a full retail version of Vista (which will be 32 bit) and then Microsoft will send you the 64 bit version for the cost of shipping (about 10-11 bucks).
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