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I downloaded and burned the Ubuntu 9.0.4. After inserting it in my older PC, I changed the BIOS to load up from CD-Drive. After doing so, I choose English then Install Ubuntu. The bar reaches the end but I get the Orange background and the 7 Questions GUI (Language, GMT...) doesn't appear why is that so? I can still move my mouse or go in the Commands (CTRL+ATL+F1,2,3,4,5,6) and back to the "GUI" (CTRL+ATL+F7) but I can't get any further.
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  1. What are the specs?

    Please be specific.

  2. Try running the media check (if you have it on the boot menu).
    On some machines (with fast CD/DVD burners) you have to burn the CD at the slowest speed you can, burning at higher speeds can cause read errors.
  3. It's always a good idea to run a media check and a memtest for 8-12 hours before installing.

    The OP may have some bad RAM, an unstable system or a bad disk.

    Also make sure you check the checksums and digital signatures for your ISO.

    The distribution's website usually publishes the checksums and sigs and the method for verifying your ISOs.

    ISOs may get corrupted during the download and nasty people have attempted to distribute bootleg ISOs with malware.

    Good luck :)
  4. I did a Media Check and a Memtest both came out possitive. The specs for this PC are pretty low. I will post the Specs in soon. Do you think that I will have to install a lower version? This PC runs XP Home perfectly.
  5. Ubuntu doesn't work on some computers, if Ubuntu doesn't work try Fedora.

    If Fedora doesn't work try CentOS or RHEL. If those don't work try KNOPPIX, Linux Mint, PCLinuxOS or older versions of Ubuntu and Fedora.

    Fedora usually works on computers Ubuntu doesn't work on. Sometimes Ubuntu works with hardware Fedora doesn't work with.

    The specs are really important because some hardware is not compatible with Linux, Unix or BSD.

    Good luck :)
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