Revised Build - 1 Month Till I go for it.

Hey again people,

I have came here for lots of help on choosing a system and always came away pleased by the amount of good advice I recieved.

Well recently, my budget shot up a notch when I recived a 400 pound bonus, and I figure if I still go for a system on the breadline im only going to regret it in a couple of months time when I need countless upgrades to play the games I want..

So here is my new revised build, with a few maybes and room for suggestions!

Case - Antec Nine Hundred - There are more expensive ones but this one looks great, is a big thing and has that 20cm fan I need ;)

Cpu - Intel Q6600 - This is the major upgrade, I was going to go for a E6600 and Overclock it to 3Ghz but with all this hype about Dual Core being replaced by quad core and certain games ( Supreme Commander ) managing to stress even quad core cpu's I though If I want to future proof my system, quad core is the way to go.

Suggestions and any info on when some native quad core cpus will be coming out would be great, cause I hate the idea that all "Quad Core" cpu's really are, are 2 Dual cores on one Chip

Ram - Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C4 TwinX (2x1GB) - Pretty much set on this, Its corsair, cheap at £96 Pounds and fast enough for some headroom for mild overclocking.

Mobo - Asus P5N32-E PLUS SLi - Basically the striker extreme on 650i with all the benefits of 680i (16x16 sli) without the bugs of 680i

PSU- Corsair modular Hx 620watt - Again, good name, from what I have heard excellent quality and why not buy a high quality PSU since it has the ability to fry all your other components.

Sound card - Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer 7.1 Soundcard - Retail - Retail because I dont know what cables I will need and dont own another sound card so there is no point buying OEM then having to buy cables#

Speakers - Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 Speakers - Retail - Ditto.

Monitor - LG L204WT 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Black/Silver - Looks nice, I am intrested by widescreen as it can give better resolutions than 1280 x 1024, this paticular one gives a nice 1680x1050 native Resolution which should challenge my gpu nicley.

GPU - BFG GeForce 8800 GTX OC 768MB GDDR3 - I was going to wait until the R600 or whatever but I have seen some early benchmarks and they have said the card is to compete with only the gts's

Operating system - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit Edition DVD - Going vista because I want direct X 10 I can live with a few bugs and im ( shamefully) looking forward to the shiny new element of it :P

HDD - Western Digital Caviar RE 250GB 2500YS SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM x 2 - In raid 0 these should give good performance.

Total including shipping ect -


This is the absolute upper end of my budget and can hardly afford this in itself but I would love some information on when we can expect the following :o

- 8900 series GPU's
- Native quad core CPUs
- New chipsets
- Amd's cpus

Also a few questions that have been bugging me for the last few months.

Im wanting to primarily game on this new computer, is It worth going 64bit vista and upgrading to 4gb ram in the future.

I ask this because the latest games like for example oblivion, can benefit ( on xp) from 2 Gigabytes of RAM , Now lets assume vista hogs 512mb of ram, that would mean that there is only 1.5 gb of ram left for gaming, now if a (2 year? ) old game like oblivion can use almost 2gb ( with the help of some mods ) doesn't it seem like having 1.5gb of useable ram for gaming on vista will be the bare minimum for some of the upcoming games?

And if this is the case, I will go 64bit, but I have heard lots of bad things about gaming on 64bit os's just wanted to confirm if this is true or not, Im not worried about golden oldies working, I have other computers for those.

I just want the newer games to funtion , will their be problems installing and/or playing these games under 64bit vista?

Note . I mean problems caused by the 64 bit os , not caused by vista itself ( I already know about those :wink: )

And finally, In your opinions, is getting a q6600 worth it? Does it overclock in the same way as a normal dual core? Is it as easy to Oc?

Will the performance justify the price or will it be obscure as soon as some native quad cores come into play?

There is no - get a cheaper cpu then save the rest for a better one when it comes out, because this will stretch my budget no matter what and wether I get a 300 pound cpu or a 150 pound cpu im going to be broke after it for a while so really, all Im asking is the question- is it worth spending almost double the money for a quad core cpu?

As usual for me, a long post 8)

Thanks alot for anyone who gets to this bit and hope you can help me out :D


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  1. im also buying in a month or 2 with the price dropping of Q6600..
    it doesnt really get better at $266 :)

    my plan is to get a bearlake mobo ''P35 or the X38 that comes a little later'' these chipsets also support penryn so that im ready for future upgrades

    about the 8900 series i think we will see em in Q3/Q4 and im probably gonna buy one when i have seen the DX10 performance
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