Can't get Ubuntu 9.04 to reboot

Installed it on my MSI Wind U100 netbook. It works pretty well, and having 2GB of RAM makes it pretty snappy even for Atom. Problem is it won't properly reboot. It "shuts down" the OS and the screen turns off but the netbook doesn't actually reboot. I have to turn it off and back on again. It is installed using Wubi which may be the problem, but I really only installed it to test if my touchpad problem was Windows-related or not (which, sadly, it isn't).
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  1. I think the problem is probably wubi ( 80% ) or APCI ( 20% ).

    The easy way to find out for sure is to do a native install or at least try the live CD and see if it shuts down properly. The Live CD may take quite a while to boot and shut down, especially on netbooks.

    It's quite conceivable that the live CD may not shut down correctly but a native install may work just fine.

    Good luck :)
  2. You could also try passing the kernel "acpi=off" during boot.

  3. I don't have an optical drive in my netbook, or an external one. So I'll have to go native.
  4. You could take the ubuntu-desktop ISO and install it onto an SD card and use or syslinux to make it bootable and use the live CD image from SD or a USB stick.

  5. I'll look into that, thanks.

    There are several ways to do it including GUI's under Ubuntu or windows.

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