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a few months ago i bought an ex display elonex artisan media centre pc running mc 2005 was a snip at only £229 very happy with it. problem is i've nearly run out of hard drive space and looking in the case there doesn't seem to be any room for a second hard drive. putting in a new hard drive to replace the 160gig in there is np except the os is on the hard drive and it didn't come with an oem disk so how do i replace the disk with a bigger one and still have an os, there is the standard license sticker on the side of the case and an external hdd is ideally not a choice, if i have to i will but don't fancy seeing a dodgy box sat on my shiny media centre pc in my living room...........

any advice would be helpful
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  1. The best way would be with a program like Acronis True Image, which can clone the old hdd to the new one. You have to have the new hdd installed as well as the old. If the old hdd is ATA and the new one is as well, you can hook the new one up as a slave. If you don't have a free molex connector you can get a splitter. You'll have to set the jumpers on the drives. If you don't have a slot of the new drive, you can do this by just putting the new hdd on a piece of cardboard. If you haven't done so, would be a very good idea to partition the new drive and keep you OS/programs on the first and your data on the 2nd. If you ever have to reinstall Windows, you data should be safe. If the old hdd is SATA and you have a second SATA connection, get a SATA for the new one. You can always temporarily disconnect the optical drive and use the connection for the new drive
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