Recovery Partition not accessible?

Ok First off I was running XP MCE on my pc when i obtained several viruses that wouldn't go away. I used several Programs to remove them and they still persisted. I set up to restart and scan and my comp restarted and got to the user login in screen. First off i didn't have a password set here and instead of my name it was Compaq_administrator. Anyways i hit enter and it started to load settings, then almost immediately it began saving settings. And this became the cycle.
So I decided to borrow a copy of XP to Add so i could Dual boot but the viruses still wouldn't go away and XP wasn't recognizing my monitor as anything other than a generic without the speakers it had. I tried to install the monitor drivers but still wouldn't recognize, so i need to have MCE back on it. So I tried to use the recovery partition but it gave me an error and shut down. After several tries i decided to install XP over the faulty MCE and XP worked fine, but moniter still is a problem and Autodetect doesn't work either.
So I've deleted the XP partition and am in the process of reformatting the C drive. Then i'm going to try to recover MCE from the Recovery Partition. If anyone has gone through somethin like this I would like to hear how you solved your dilema. Any other suggestions would be helpful too. May not be able to post for a while because this isn't my comp, and don't know if my phone will work with your forum but will at least be able to read posts till i can fill you in on whats hapening.
Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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  1. Why brand of computer is it?

  2. Its a Compaq Presario SR2011WM. Reformat of C drive still wouldn't allow access to D drive system restore. Put XP Back on C and still can't change monitors. Doesn't give me the option to select any other so I can't install it with the right drivers.

  3. On most Compaqs, if you hit F10 when you see the BIOS splash screen, you'll boot from the Recovery partition where you can do a destructive recovery. Or you can get Recovery CDs from

  4. Ok, I tried that and got a fatal system Error which read as follows...

    Stop : c000021 a (Fatal System Error)
    The windows logon process system process is terminated
    unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000080
    (0x00000000 0x00000000).
    The system has been shut down.

    I installed Windows Xp seprately at first but that didn't allow it to work. So then I installed it over MCE and still it wouldn't work. I've been trying eveything I can. I even downloaded a copy of MCE and installed it. The monitor is still installed as generic and internal video card must not be working.
  5. Tried what? You either boot to the recovery partition using F10 if it exists or get a set of recovery CDs. You need a legal copy of XP MCE not some downloaded bootleg copy.

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