First build, on a budget of $450

I'm a newcomer and I'm want to ask all of you for your first build advice. As it says in the title I"m on a budget of $450 but I may be able to stretch the budget to at most $550 from my job and birthday money. OK now to get to the point, I need a good list of parts for a decent gaming computer (I already have a case) that would be able to play today's games such as Modern Warfare 2 (not so new but It's something) and Dead Island. It would be great for fast answers because I'm going to want to start the build soon. Thanks for your time:)

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  1. i would suggest posting in hardware/systems/newbuild if you want fast answers. or look at hundreds of news posts and find one that fits your needs. i must have seen 20 fitting your needs so a search would help you alot.
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