Help me choose.

Well i'm looking at the FSP AX450-PNF, the FSP blue storm 2 500w, the Seasonic S12-430 .. Which one's better out the three?... or anything similar but better in your opinion?

Is the fsp AX450-PN (used in the tomshardware system marathon day one here) the same as the fsp AX450-PNF @ here?

Btw, does the AX450-PNF have dual 12v rails?

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  1. We need to know what system components the PSU will be powering. The Seasonic S12 series is great and very quiet. If you have the money, want quality/quiet and it supplies sufficient power for your rig, then That is the route I would go. Max amps on the combined 12V rails is 28A - you need to be sure that amperage is sufficient to power your system components.

    An interesting note is that the S12 has the same max power (thus you can calculate the amperage rating) for the combined 12V rails as the AX450-PN. And that is with FSP rating 18A on each 12V rail and the S12 rating 14A and 15A. At least FSP has the honesty to put max combined power on their label. Some mfrs don't do that and some do it to intentionally mislead consumers - a sad state of affairs. One more thing, the difference between the AX450-PN and the AX450-PNF is Power Factor Correction - a PSU requirement in the EU.
  2. Well mine is a pretty old system, and i just bought a new 20" monitor with DVI support, but my currrent graphics card does not have DVI, so in order to get a decent graphics card with DVI, i'd need a new PSU.

    Current PSU = Model - FSP250-60GTA (MDN)
    Max output 250w

    DC Output: +3.3v - 16A, +5v - 25A, +12v - 13A, +5vsb - 2A, -5v - 0.3A, -12v - 0.8A

    So what would you go for the FSP AX450-PNF or the Seasonic S12-430, which would be the better choice?
  3. If this is to be able to upgrade the GPU, then what GPU will you be using? Still need to know the rest of the specs. For a cheap upgrade I would go with the FSP - assuming it has the juice to power your system. I use them a lot and they are dependable, inexpensive little PSUs.
  4. Well, I have that FSP PSU and aside from RMA'ing once, it has been good. It is EXTREMELY quiet. I never hear it. The cabling is flexible, so it is easy to hide. The PSU has about 25 amps available to the 12v rails, so 8800GTS is the max I would go on it.
  5. anyways i got a deal on the Seasonic S12-600 for £72 delivered, Is it worth it or should i just go for the FSP AX450-PNF for £53 delivered from
  6. Tell us your system components and we can let you know if you need the extra power...Help us to help you...
  7. I want to buy a good AGP graphics card.

    Intel P4, 2500 Mhz (25x100) (northwood)
    512 MB (pc2100 ddr sdram)
    mobo is a Msi ms-6533
    Ati radeon 7500 (going to upgrade, since i need DVI)C
    Current PSU - Model - FSP250-60GTA (MDN)
    External 250gb SATA hard drive
    2x40gb hdd
    1 dvd/rw
    1 cd/rw
    Wireless Laser mouse
  8. If you have the extra cash, I say go for the seasonic, otherwise the FSP would be just fine for any AGP card you can through at it
  9. :D Cool, i went for the Seasonic since i was saving £20 off the retail.
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