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Hey Tom's,

I have an Unknown Device in my Windows 98 partition. Does anyone know of a tool out there that can identify what's acting up? I've tried everything on my end - no dice.

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  1. In the Device Manager it will provide some details about the unknown device. Please post EXACTLY what it says.
  2. Phil,

    It's listed under "Other Devices" and it saysm "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28). To reinstall drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver."

    Problem is I did that, nothing worked. This is for a Gateway Solo 9100 system. I still have all the floppies and so forth, but I've tried them all - no dice.

    I thought there may be a "scanning software" out there that says what exactly is acting up, but that's why I asked the experts on here.

  3. In the Device Manager, try changing the view to Devices by Connection. Seeing what this unknown device is connect to might help you identify it.
  4. Phil,

    It falls under "Plug and Play BIOS" along with other things, in between "System timer" (on top of the unknown device) and "Yamaha OPL3-SAx WDM Driver" (below it, and I think this is the sound card driver.

    Any other ideas?

  5. I will see if I still have a bootable Win98 virtual machine and look to see what else I have there.

    Until then, do you have a modem installed?
    Does your sound card have a CD-ROM/IDE connector on it?
  6. Phil,

    Modem is installed and working fine (it's in it's own category).

    I'm not too sure if the sound card has an IDE connector to it. It's a laptop (Gateway Solo 9100). The CD-ROM drive - not too sure on that either, it's one of those combo drives.

    I got my 98 Boot Floppy from, so maybe it didn't load something right. Before I flashed the BIOS with a new processor (from my other posts), I did have 98 on here originally to see if the thing even worked. At the time it booted OK from CD, but now booting from CD is very iffy (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). I tried another CD-ROM drive, makes no difference. Maybe it's a separate issue, but at least I have 2 OS's on there now for good (I'm going for 98 since I have old data on SuperDisks I'd like to get), XP, and eventually, Ubuntu (all on their own partition).

    Anyway, when I had 98 on here the first time, I didn't have any unknown devices, but my sound card was acting strange. I mean I could play CD's, the startup sound went through, but that 98 asterisk/exclamation sound - never got it. I would get an error that my sound card was in use by another program (to which no program was even open!). But now that sound card works, no problems there.

    Let me know if you need to check anything else. I appreciate your help thus far.

  7. Phil - any luck?

  8. My Win98 VM does not boot :( And I have not had the time to reinstall it.
  9. Ah ok - I did PM you if you didn't check that yet.
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