Fedora 11: Five Best Features

1) Fast Boot: Fedora developers' goal was to get users from turning on their PC to a GNOME login screen in 20-seconds or less. They did it. While it's not as fast as the firmware Linux distributions like SplashTop or Moblin 2.0, it's the fastest boot-up of a full Linux distribution I've seen on a desktop PC...

2) Ext4 file system by default. Ext4 is the latest official Linux file system, and its biggest advantage is for servers. You see, with Ext4 you can have file systems of up to 1 EB (ExaByte) and up to 16 TB (TeraByte) sized files...

3) Better graphics. Fedora 11 uses X.server 1.6 for graphics and that means you'll see an overall better and more stable display. Where this really shows to its best advantage is if you're using multiple displays, but even if you're just running a laptop with a 12" display, you'll still notice that the graphics are a smidge faster...

4) Synaptics touchpad improvements. I have a confession to make. I hate touchpads. I find them annoying and hard to use. On laptops and netbooks, I either buy a model with a ThinkPad style Trackpoint or use a mouse. But, the new Synaptics update has me at least considering using a touchpad. The overall effect is to make touchpads more responsive and I mean that in a good way. If you're a laptop/touchpad user, this change alone is enough to consider using Fedora 11...

5) DNSSEC. Linux, as a standalone operating system, is much more secure than most operating system. Recently, though, attacks against the DNS (Domain Name System), the Internet's address system, have become more common. To help secure your connection to the Internet, Fedora now includes DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) by default.

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  1. What about Sentellic touchpads? They're the ones that need desperate help.
  2. Fedora 11 preview really does boot fast and I mean fast :D

    Not EEE fast ---- still really fast.
  3. I thought they froze dev on Fedora?
  4. Nvm...
  5. randomizer, what exactly do they need to improve?

    And why amdfangirl, why? (serious question, actually)
  6. Well, Sentellic touchpads have crappy drivers when it comes to the ability to tweak touchpad settings (Windows ones anyway, I haven't looked at what you can do with the Linux ones). But the real problem is hardware-level, not software. Sentellic sucks for hypersensitivity, Synaptic is good.
  7. How good is that new Xorg, anyways? I was so freaking busy during the semester that I didn't have time to do any updates on my gentoo box. Consequently I am still running something like xorg 1.3.blah, and I remember seeing a message a while back that to upgrade to the most recent version (1.5.blah I believe) there is a bit of work to be done. When I get the chance, I am going to do a bit of house cleaning to be sure (new Kernel, new X, new nvidia drivers etc etc), but before I do, I'd just like to hear about the new goodies available to all us Linux users (even if I do hear it from a Fedora perspective).

  8. Mmm... any good Linux news outlets?
  9. Well 11 looks nice, boots in 20 seconds, shuts down fast, ext4 seems fast.

    So far so good :)

    Linux news.... well there's slashdot but they are not doing very well.

    There's always http://www.linuxjournal.com/ :)
  10. Slashdot is always worth quick browse, it's got some Linux news but if you're into Tech and science culture it can give you some good directions to follow. Just be careful what links you follow from threads.
  11. I agree but they are not nearly as good as they used to be, I don't know where all the slashdot users went.

  12. They all went off to make their fortune selling AFDB's..
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