Black screen of death

answer; I got hit on two laptops. The first one aspire one, I thought it was a bad acer product and took it apart and have something unhooked. So I bought a new acer and it got a black screen. T thought it was the bios, or virus, NOT.. The recovery wouldn't work on the hd setup so I went into the bios and was able to run the recovery there, Now listen; The recovery ended with nothing, so I ran it again and when it finished it said it couldn't fix it and ask if I wanted to send the report to MS. I clicked ok. Then I went back into the bios and changed the hd back to what it was and everything was back to normal. MS owes me a new computer because I could have fixed my other one if I would have known the problem was in the operating system. but I am sure I will someday get it working also. But I blamed acer and it wasn't there fault at all. Good luck.
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  1. Paragraphs would be useful
  2. LePhuronn said:
    Paragraphs would be useful

    :hello: Paragraphs are nice, but they repair nothing; And they have no place in a quick note that has no format nor grammer and uses letters like "U for you" instead of words. But I love paragraphs! :bounce: But I am an old schooled writer that enjoys the American folk writing, and frown :heink: on English as a format to writing. Open English users use a double space as a paragraph as is often used in business letters. But this is a waist of space in a message embedded into an html coded message that takes a page filled with html programming before a message is even added. So please; leave out the paragraphs to lesson the burden on the over-whelmed programmers. :non:
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