.qic file read error - this is a tough one!

Hello Tom's,

Going into my Win98 partition, I am trying to get data off of the old LS-120 SuperDisks. Some of these disks contain .qic files, which are Win98 backup files via Microsoft's software.

Now, I've been having some luck getting them off ( :pt1cable: )m but I have 2 disks left to go, which give me the same error. It says:

The backup device stopped responding. Error 07-0D-2A-03-001E

Any advice? So far I'm 3 for 5 on these disks (copying .qic's off), but the other 2 - well, the drive is seeing the .qic files on both, and I can add a test file to the drive and remove it (a simple text file), so I think the read write on the disks is ok.

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  1. a single txt file does not mean teh drive is ok. it may have bad sectors where the qic file is saved. run a scan disk on that HD and see if that fixes it. be sure to run with all options checked.

    if that does not fix it then perhaps you need to run a program such as spinrite on the drive to pull the data off
  2. Hey Ncc

    Thanks for the shout back. I did the scan disk no luck there, but, you said something about spinrite. Are you aware of any other freeware other than that program?

  3. spinrite is in a leauge of its own. MHDD can scan and remap but nothing else does what spinrite can do.

    if you go and download hirens 9.2 CD it is on there, both of them. you can boot from that disk and run it.
  4. You mean MHDD is on Hiren's right? On the 9.2 CD I didn't see Spinrite.

    Also, I've noticed that I can't boot from CD (and yes I did check the BIOS). I've even tried a different CD drive, no luck.

    Can I boot Hiren's from Floppy? Yikes! My LS-120 drive does work still, and I can boot from it, and I do have a blank 120 MB disk.

    Your thoughts?

  5. they are both there, MHDD is on the first page of the HD tools at the top, 3rd one down if i remember correctly.

    you can also run MHDD with remap on, F4 is the key to select and start
  6. Ncc,

    My bad - total noob on this (first system I tore down and rebuilt), what do you mean by "remap on"? What is "remap"?

    Sorry, just trying to learn.

  7. when you press F4 you will get options (this will occur after you select the HD from the first menu) one of the options says remap. this will scan the HDD and any bad sectors will be remapped. hard drives ship with 200 or so thousand extra sectors to remap to when sectors go bad, all hard drives have bad sectors.
  8. Oh crap! I think I confused you on my part. Sorry.

    My HDD is fine - it's new actually (about 2 months old). I'm actually trying to recover data from an LS-120 SuperDisk (like 120 MB 3.5" Floppies from back in the day). Back in the day Win98 stored backup information on these floppy disks as .qic format. I've gotten most off, but have 2 floppies left to go.

    Sorry Ncc, my bad if I confused you on any of this.

  9. ive been repilying to a crap load of posts so i may have confused myself... im not sure if spinrite would work on that disk... but i think its worth a try.

    check disk may be your best option or perhaps... this would not get you a full file but you can boot into linux live and do a sector by sector copy from that disk to an image. that would pull all the readable data out and then you could use another program to try and rebuild the file OR extract as much good data as possible. the disk may be to badly damaged to get a full file out of it.
  10. Ncc,

    No problems. Is Linux Live another Linux distro like Knoppix or Ubuntu? I've just never heard of it.
  11. Best answer
    its a linux disk that has lots of diag tools on it. commonly used in the tech world for diagnostic stuff.

    it may be hard to recover these files... i cant say ive done much work with such hardware
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  13. Ncc, sorry it's taken me a while to get back on here, but I'll choose you as the best answer since you gave me a heads up on some ideas.

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