Laptop battery info displayed in Win98 but not XP???

Hello Tom's,

So, one of the last components I need in the continuing saga of bringing back an old Gateway Solo 9100 back out of retirement/mothball status is obviously a battery.

Now, what I did notice, outside of the battery obviously being dead, is that the battery information (except for the manufacturer information) will be displayed on my Win98 partition, but when it comes to WinXP, I don't get any information.

Has anyone ever dealt with this issue? I just want my future battery to work across platforms and be recognized so that there isn't any problems.

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    It's a driver issue. The Gateway Solo 9100 was long obsolete by the time Windows XP was placed on the shelves. So Gateway didn't find a need to write drivers for XP, providing you could just upgrade to a new laptop.

    You can try and search for drivers but I'm not sure if you would find them.
  2. Northwestern,

    Thanks for the shout back - wasn't too sure if it was a driver issue since I never thought about it that way. I thought a battery was a battery. Interesting. But then again I am a noob at the whole thing.

    Cool, but thanks for the heads up - I'll see what I can find!

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  4. I don't know if anyone is still looking at this post, but if you use a Fedco battery (12GWS-18650) - it WILL work with a Gateway Solo 9100 with Windows XP and Linux (Puppy Wary 5.3). Took forever, but it's solved!

    VV5 out! :bounce:
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