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Ive had a problem with Nvidia drivers. On my computer, I had a Nvidia GeForce 9400 card and had recently gotten updated driver for it, and thats when my problems began. It would at random cause my computer to shut down. I tried uninstalling driver and putting it back in I tried resetting the card I tried temperature scanning software to see if it was overheating, etc. I checked all fans, and made sure the inside was clean etc. nothing. problem still happened.

Well I have a new computer and AMD ANthlon 2.6 dual core and I just put in a Nvidia geforce 9800 GT cause it runs my games well and is affordable. Made sure to have current drives and tah dah same thing is happening on my perfect NEW computer...

Any suggestions?


What distro are you running? Are you using the distro's drivers or the official nvidia drivers from
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  1. This assumes you have an x86_64 distro.
  2. ALT CTRL F1

    log in as root

    telinit 3



    follow the prompts

    Good luck :)
  3. Not so computer savvy I suppose, not sure what a distro is-sorry, where would I find that information?
  4. You... are using Linux and not Windows... right?
  5. Nope, definitely using Windows vista, so maybe this is wrong thread, sorry if I distracted anyone.
  6. Well you did post in the Linux/BSD section ;) Post here:
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