Any way to limit remote control only to some folders?

There is any way to limit the remote control connection of an user for some folders only ?

Meaning if he connects to my pc he can only acces 1 folder. I don t want him to be allowed to open any extra programs like mozzila, etc except some that i manually add to an exception list

os: windows 2003 enterprise edition sp 1

I only want to allow remote for let s say 1-2 folders on pc. User that connects can edit everything in that folder, start executables .exe , etc.. Except that he can t modify anything and i m reffering he can t access internet explorer or any browser to surf over the internet, he cant see system specs by right clicking mycomputer, etc. If it s able to be done... when he connects through remote he can see only that folder or access only a shortcut to that folder.

I don t want the user to be able even to see the taskmanager bar
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  1. The proper way to do it is to enable Sharing on the folder. Once you do that, select a name for the share and you can access it using \\computername\sharename\.

    Go to the folder you want to share, right-click on it and you will see a Sharing tab.

    There is no need for someone to remote into a computer just to get access to a few files.
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