Some one said you can download 98se free?

I do not buy it but if it is posible you would know about ? right?
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  1. Sure, you can get it for "free" but it would be illegal. The only way to get a legal license is on eBay or anyone who is willing to sell you/give you one.
  2. You can run and get windows 98 for free as long as you use Microsofts Virtual PC which includes a copy of windows 98 for free on the software but this is only emulated through a higher version of windows. Vista or higher im pretty sure. Otherwise you would need to buy Windows 98 to be able to install on a computer without a Virtual Machine installed.
  3. No it doesn't. Virtual PC for Win7 provides XP mode but there is no free image of Windows 98 on the MS site. You can run Win98/95 in Virtual PC but it is not included.
  4. i had windows 98se and the cd got scratched and now I can no loger install it.

    Mood sad!
  5. Sorry it is virtual PC 2007 that does this. Not Virtual PC for windows 7. Found here instead:
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