WindowsMediaPlayer Lag Issue

Recently, WMP has started to lag when a video is being opened.
This could be when i try to open a video, or i am streaming one off of a webstie that uses WMP as its player.
The problem only occured recently and nothing in particular would have possible triggered the problem.
When a video is opened, or simply WMP itself, it freezes up and lags my whole computer making it un-useable.
I wait for all of about 20seconds, and then it returns to normal and plays the video fine.
Yet if i close and reopen the player, the same issue occurs.
I have the latest version of WMP, 11 I think, and all my graphics drivers are fully up to date.
I have a fairly high spec computer, Q6600, Gefore8800GTS 640MB, 4GB DDR2 RAM.
The problem occurs every time WMP is opened, whether many program are open in the background or not.
Please advise.
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  1. have you installed a codec pack to your windows media player ?? some codec packs creates problems. If so try uninsalling them.
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