Advice needed on a possible system build


Here is 1 system I have in mind

Here is the second system I have in mind

I will be reusing my hard drives and DVD drives
I have a Thermal take 480 watt power supply thats why I'm upgrading to 550 Watts
I will also be adding a sblive 5.1 to this
I'm going to be getting oblivion and was just curious if this would be a stable system.

I also don't want to do serious upgrades for about 3-5 years.
Thats about how long my current computer has lasted.




I'm trying to keep cost as close to 500 as possible
I chose the 2 CPU because they perform the same
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  1. Either one will perform fine, but there are two things that need to be changed in both systems. The PSU and gfx card.

    Rosewill is bottom of the barrel, you might as well just set your $500 on fire. The caps used in most Rosewill PSUs have the nasty habit of exploding after a few months of use. This is a much better unit, and it's only $12 more.

    Oblivion will bring any 8600gts to it's knees, it's a pathetic card for what it costs. Get a 1950xt instead, much faster, same price.
  2. apt403,,

    I didn't know that about the rosewill power supplies.
    I was mainly looking at the 8600 because it was DX 10
    I can't afford a 8800 so I thought I'd look into a 8600.
    This one was OCed and in my price range.
    But Vista really isn't my favorite operating system yet anyways.
    I also plan on using this new computer with Nix.
    Thats the other reason why I chose a Nvidia card.
    I'm currently using a 6600.
    I'm definitely going to change power suplies though.


  3. Replace the CPUs with either the X2 3800+ or the E4300 and OC these chips. The savings will be within $10-$20 of getting you an 8800GTS with 320MB of memory.

    The 85/8600 Series of cards are not all that hot at this time for the price they want.
  4. that sounds like a possible plan
    are the motherboards I choose capable of OC the CPU's that much ??
    I know the intel 1 should be able to
    but the AMD 1 I dunno
    Obviously I won't be able to use the stock coolers for either the 3800 or the 4300.
    Any thoughts on which cooler I should use ???

    Also will the new power supply be able to handel the Over clocking of these CPU's???



    P.S. I Would save $75 on the intel move
    and $50 on the AMD move

    PS2.. The price differance between the 2 cards is 100
    add in the cost of an aftermarket cooler for about 30-40 and it's not looking good.
  5. In regards to the NVIDIA Intel MB, it should.
    Especially if we are just talking moderate OCs such as changing the E4300 to run at a FSB of 533 instead of 400 which would get you to 2.4Ghz.

    In regards to the AMD, I have not followed AMD boards as closely over the past year so no comment. However, lots of inexpensive AMD boards should from what I have seen. I just have not followed close specfics.
  6. Ok I upgraded the wish list fior the Intel only
    this was the more cost effective one to do
    I choose a cooler I have heard a lot of good things about too.
    639 I might be able to scrape by with :lol:
  7. intel more cost effective? eh?

    this combo works great

    same cost as your "open box" mobo and ram but I've built 3 of these and they run great. Pick up an OEM 3600 for $59 (use your old HSF) and you can dump that money saved into a 8800GTS.

    that's $203 + the cost of an 8800GTS and a PSU. It's the ONLY way to get a decent dualcore cpu, 2G of ram, and an 8800GTS all for under 500, and that is the way you want to go if you want a real performer for under 500. And you can upgrade to barcelona later on! This system will make lunchmeat out of a e6600 + 8600GTS in all the newer games. And it's cheaper.
  8. Thanks for the tip

    I made changes to the AMD system

    The Motherboard and memorey are ok.
    However I'm upgrading from a athlon 2800
    So this CPU Cooler is out of the Question
    What CPU Cooler would you suggest to get the X2 3800 Oced to 4800 stats?



    P.S. I decided to not Oc the AMD and went with a 4600
    I can over clock this one a little with the stock cooler to 4800
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