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I just upgraded all our desktops to MS Office 2007 and I'm having a problem with one of them. I installed MS Office 2007 and put Outlook in cache mode for all the workstations, but one workstation wouldn't allow me to change to cache mode. It gave me an error message saying the mailbox was too big. At that time, the users mailbox was 5.5 GB so I had them archive enough so that the mailbox shows as 1.7 GB on the server. I tried putting Outlook in cache mode after this, but it still says the mailbox is too big. Everything works fine in non-cache mode. Anyone have any ideas on this? I think the mailbox should be small enough at 1.7 GB to allow this now, but it doesn't want to cooperate. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Honestly, You are still pushing your luck at that size.

    But try this. First, run the scan tool on the .pst and make sure it does not have any errors.

    If it comes back ok, compact it. Make sure it is as small as it is going to get.

    Then have them seperate what they can. Break it into 2 or more pst files each less than 1gb in size.

    Then try to load those pst's.

    If that works, but the original .pst still wont work, take all of its information and store it in another .pst file and load it up.

    if all the smaller .pst files work, and are loading with no issues, combine them all into one .pst and set that to load.

    either way, this should be a resovlable issue.
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