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okay, the halo 3 beta is coming out here soon and i want to be able to record my playing time.

i didn't want to do this the old school way with a vcr so im looking at a tv tuner card.

my question is:
i just got a graphics card and my power suply is pretty close to max, i was just wondering how much power a capture card uses.

also im not looking for anything special, but this is what im currently looking at
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  1. okay i bought the card which was a wintv-pvr-150, and now im wondering if anybody has any suggestions on a good free video capture software.

    if none of the good ones are free can you point me in the direction of some good capture software that is under 100 dollars

    thanks for any help
  2. BUMP...(he's my friend...)
    I cannot help him any, since I do not do vid editing/recording...

    Does anyone have anything to post?

    Both of us are clueless.......:\ :?:
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