Why windows protection error when tried to install windows 98

why windows protection comes error when tried to install windows 98
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  1. The hardware on many modern motherboards is not compatible with Windows 98. This might be the cause of your problem. If you are trying to install on a modern PC it may not work.
  2. It could also be that you have too much memory installed on that PC. Win98 has a bug that causes problems if have more than 512 MB of RAM
  3. i am instaled windows 98 in a pc which works with 98 earlier. but the hard disk is eplaced with a newer one.. then how it is possible?
  4. But i have only 256MB RAM in my computer... i think it is some other problem...
  5. Is this Windows 98 Second Edition?

    Also, bad memory is known to cause issues when installing Windows.
  6. You could try running Memtest86+ for a few passes to see if your RAM is bad. Any error indicates bad RAM. If you're running Win9x-era hardware, with 256MB of RAM, replacement memory (probably PC100/PC133) will not cost you much, AFAIK. You can get it from a dumpster PC to be honest, I have like a drawer of PC66/100/133 mostly.

    You can write mt86+ to a floppy and boot to it: http://www.memtest.org/
  7. Hey arun,

    Do you also notice, if you can, in device manager, if your IDE controllers have exclamation points next to them?
  8. Just a thought but when I got this error someone told me to boot into safe mode and delete my network adapter and it worked.
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