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Hey, current rig may be DOA, if I replace the MB, CPU and RAM, then hook in my current video card, HD ect, will it work straight off the bat? I have never swapped parts on a build like that without wiping the drive, so I am not sure if there will be driver issues or if changing the MB (and with that the BIOS) is going to cause the current install of Windows to fail. Too many goodies on that drive to wipe it and start over ATM, plus I am not sure what is wrong with the computer.

Thanks for any insights someone might have.

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  1. More than likely you will have driver issues. Also if you are running Windows XP you might have to reactivate it. I have heard that a backup and restore with XP on an external drive will allow you to recover your system to the new hardware, although the activation may still be required. You would have to do the following:

    1. Use ntbackup to backup your drive to a USB drive
    2. Swap out hardware
    3. Do a minimal fresh install of XP
    4. Use ntbackup to restore your original XP installation

    This recovers your XP installation, but the fresh install of XP in step 3 is what provides the O/S with the correct drviers because ntbackup doesn't restore the drivers or HAL.

    Good luck!
  2. I've been able to boot up Windows after putting in a new mobo but deleted all the drivers before booting up but if you can't boot your computer now, this isn't an option but you still might be able to do it long enough to back up your data. Given the prices of hdd know, you could get one. If you did this, you could install Windows on new hdd and re install the old hard drive as the 2nd drive and copy you stuff, then format the old drive and use it for storage. What's your current problem? Is your current video card PCIe or AGP? If AGP, you'll have to get a new one if you get an AM2 or C2D CPU because the mobo won't have AGP.
  3. sometimes it wont even start winxp and may restart infinitely because the driver is related to the old setup. I had to reinstall windows. It's best to backup your data regardless, you will probably be able to start it. But these things happen.
  4. I changed my mobo and gpu from AGP to PCI then back again without wiping xp (trying to figure out which bit of my rig was faulty) I had to reinstall my sata drivers for each board but I didnt wipe a thing off my HD so it is possible dunno if it will be in your case tho, good luck
  5. What are you replacing it with? If the new board has the same chipset it might work without reinstalling, otherwise you will probably have to.

    There is no need, ever, to format and destroy everything. Just do a repair install. You may still have to reinstall a few picky programs which don't work afterwards, but your files and most settings will remain intact.
  6. Quote:
    Just do a repair install. You may still have to reinstall a few picky programs which don't work afterwards, but your files and most settings will remain intact.

    oops forgot to mention I did a repair re-install. Try that it should work, make a backup of important stuff first.
  7. Did you use the exact same MOBO and CPU? I went and bought a new CPU and RAM today....thought maybe I would replace those two and see if the comp would boot, but had no luck. SO I guess I will go get a new MOBO, was just wondering if I get the exact same one if there will be any adverse effects? I would like to at least get a shot at saving my old files, then doing a clean install.
  8. If you replace the old stuff with the same motherboard and CPU you shouldn't have a problem. If the new motherboard has the same chipset as the old motherboard, you might not have to reinstall Windows.
  9. If it is the exact same motherboard then you should be able to boot into Windows fine.
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