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I have been using Vista 32bit premium for about 4 months now. I plan on buying a Wolfdale 8500 and 4 gis of some faster ram to OC it in January.

I also plan on switching to 64 bit OS at that time.

I only use the computer for gaming.

I don't like the aero glass function, or the sidebar and gadgets, in fact I set windows up to look like windows 2000...

Would I be missing anything important if I go with the Basic edition instead of the Premium? Anything that would effect gaming?
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  1. Guess MS backtracked.

    The biggest thing I can think that basic would limit you to is that it doesn't look like it supports more than one monitor:
  2. Don't get basic for your life!
  3. Op. With VISTA 32 Premium you can do the following to adjust visual performance within the OS.

    Right click on My Computer
    Select Properties then Select Advanced System Settings.
    Under System properties select Advanced
    Under performance select 'Settings'
    Uncheck what boxes you please, but by unchecking ALL the boxes you turn off ALL the features of Aero, etc.
  4. Thanks I think I will go with Basic then!
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