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:sweat: hello there, I have my problem on my pc, I did not turn it properly this Afternoon, and then when i turn it on again... "a disk read error occured" appeared... please help me guys... I just need to recover my files... Do i need to format my computer,? What will happen to my files???

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  1. Take out the hard-drive, install it in another PC as a secondary drive or in a USB enclosure, see if that will read it. If not, you don't have a lot of options if it's not detected. If it IS detected but states it needs to be formatted, don't do that!

    Download and run testdisk to see if it will restore any lost partitions. If that fails, try Recuva recovery software to see if it will find any files on the drive.

    And next time, backup your files BEFORE the drive goes bad. Drive issues is like smoking, once it's too late to do anything about the effects, that's when people start to act instead of before.
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