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Hi guys...I recently bought a new computer. E6420, x1950 XT, ddr2-800 OCZ ram. I was just wondering, i made them make it so i didnt really configure it. I know pretty much about comps and OCn etc. but i am pretty new to CPU-z. It says here my 6420's core speed is running at 1600 MHZ. 266 FSB with a x6 multiplier. Is this normal? or extremely underclocked....Also my ddr2-800 OCZ ram is running at 800..but at speeds of 5-5-5-15 w/ a 2:3 FSB:DRAM ratio..its rated speeds are 4-5-4-15 @ 2.1..Can anyone help me? If i am correct can someone help me step by step, on how to get it to its normal speeds. TY
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  1. Its called speedstep. Did you even bother trying to look up the answer? (I don't mean to sound rude, but we answer this question at least twice a week.) Once your CPU use kicks up, it will use the correct multiplyer.

    As for your memory problem, is it running at 2.1V? The difference between 5-5-5-15 and 4-5-4-15 is pretty small. I wouldn't even bother trying to "solve" this "problem".
  2. My guess is that speedstep is on. Try running a processor intensive program (like a virus scan or something) and checking again. I believe speedstep lowers the multi and voltage to save power, and turns both back to full when you need it. It doesn't really hurt performance, so it is fine to leave on.
  3. I knew someone would beat me to the answer! :lol:
  4. ooo ok..but i checked the BIOS...and it said it had a multiplier of 8x, and CPU host frequency was only 200 :(
  5. The 8X multiplier is what is used when your system is under load. Run something like sp2004 (stress prime) and then report back what you see with cpu-z. Good luck.
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