Core i7 Cpu user come in please, cpu fan speed in linux

Hi, everyone, I have this new computer:

Core i7 920 D0 stepping @ 2.66Ghz stock speed
OCZ Gold PC12800 2Gx3
MSI twin tower OC GTX275
I update the BIOS to the latest version, which is 0603. Q-fan enabled.

In windows 7 idle, the CPU temp (Tcase) I see in Everest and Speed fan is both about 36C, and fan speed is both reported about 500 - 700 rpm. I can visually confirm the CPU fan is running very slow and the heat sink is cold, so nice.

However, In Linux (Arch), the CPU temp (Tcase) temperature is reported by lm-sensors as 49C (obviously wrong since it is higher than core temp!) and CPU fan is running from 1100 - 1300 rpm. Thus linux runs a lot louder than windows. But when I open the case the cpu heat sink is cold while the fan is running fast for no reason. The CPU fan control is working, but the speed just change only from 1100 rpm up.

So core i7 users, can you share your experience with this issue?
What is your cpu fan speed under linux?
Is the CPU fan control works well out of box for your new core i7 ?

Any info is appreciated thanks a lot.

I want to know whether this problem only exist in Archlinux, or it is universal for linux, hopefully it works in other distro, then I will probably switch.

Btw, the Core temps at idle are 42, 39, 41, 40 in windows 7
Btw, the Core temps at idle are 39, 37, 38, 36 in arch linux
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  1. nobody??

    come on, guys.......

    share your experience
  2. Not sure how many of us here have core i7's to report on, so I am not sure when you will get the response you want. I'd say just for thoroughness of testing, you may want to try the liveCDs of a couple of other distributions and install the tools you are using under Arch to the RAM disk and then take some measurements. As for my machine, its a Core 2 Quad (q6600) that has been having heating problems recently for reasons that I am not entirely sure of. About a year ago, it had heating problems until I applied some arctic silver, and now it is having similar heat problems, so I assume that the arctic silver I applied in the past only lasts for so long before it needs replacement?

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