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I've tried 3 versions of Windows media player to try playing CDs. None worked as there was no sound. Other programs which need sound work perfectly OK, eg I can play DVDs in InterVideo DVD. Does anyone know what I can do? I thought media player would automatically use my sound card but apparently that's not the case. Thanks for any help,
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  1. Did you check the Media Player settings to make sure nothing is muted?
  2. I checked to make sure the louspeakers on my system weren't muted. And that the CD player line in setting was reasonable. I can't see anything to check IN media player as its toolbar has choice like Rip, Burn, Now playing, Sync but nowhere to configure anything else. But as I said as soon as I use other programs, hey presto everything works !!!
  3. Check Tools, Options, Devices and Speaker Properties
  4. i have the very same problem~
    My dad baought this computer thats running a bootleg windows, and im trying to figure out why can't a have audio when i put dvds but when i play songs i can hear it. the computer and built in speakers. i think i need the audio cable, or maybe its the bootleg software even though i dont think so because it worked before @___@ agh!! computers are so confusing...
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