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I have a USB drive I use for backups. I turn it on, back up, click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, click on the "Safely Remove USB mass storage device" selection, wait for the "Safe to Remove Hardware" balloon, and turn the USB drive off.

I bought a new computer, Dell Vostro 1500, running XP home. And now use that computer with the USB drive.

The "Safe to Remove Hardware" balloon no longer appears.

Is there a setting that will allow me to turn the balloon on?

Thanks to all.
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  1. 1) right-click an empty area in your Task Bar and select "Properties".

    2) under the Notification area heading, check "Hide inactive icons".

    3) click the "Customize" button.

    4) Find the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon and select "Always show" in the Behavior column next to it.

    5) click the "OK" button.

    6) uncheck "Hide inactive icons".

    7) click the "Apply" button.

    8) click the "OK" button.


    Additionally, you may need to install the required or updated drivers for you USB device.
  2. I appreciate the assistance.
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