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Hi guys. I want to do a projector slideshow for the end of year evening for my class. Basically, i want it to run in the background of the room, and sync with the music that is going to be played.

So, i am looking at a software that can sync the slideshow of the pictures with the music's rythm. The effect of the slideshow, i would love to see something like on the PS3, really nice picture dropping effects and so on.

The other thing, i dont really want to creat a huge Mpeg file, i want it to run like on ADOBE Bridge slideshow, where u have a folder filled with pictures and maybe a folder with the music, or a play list.

Anything like that exist on the market? Or similar?
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  1. Guys, nobody knows anything like that?
  2. Wow, above replier have solution in details!
    And I find that this tool also have a support page to guide people how to upload output slideshows. Very considerate.
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