1st Water cooling build

Looking at watercooling the system in my sig to cut the noise & drop the temps (currently~48C @ load) for better OC. This is the system im looking at putting together, suggestions would be greatly apprec.

Swiftech Apogee GTX CPU Waterblock 1/2"
Swiftech MCW60 VGA Waterblock 1/2"
Switech MCP655 12v Water Pump 1/2"
XSPC 5.25 Bay Reservoir 1/2"
DangerDen Black Ice GT Stealth 240 X-Flow Radiator 1/2"
Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E 120mm Fan w/S-FDB Bearing x 2
120mm Black Shroud x2
PrimoChill ICE Non-Conductive Steel Blue Fluid 32oz bottle. x3
6' PrimoFlex 1/2" PVC Clear Tubing

How much fluid would be needed in a full tower case? Is 96oz too much or not enough? Don't want to assemble it & find out I'm short fluid.
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  1. Future plans including upping the video card to an 8600GT or 8800GTS as well as adding in WC for 2 Sata HDDs & maybe the RAM
  2. I love WC, but the price/performance vs air is heavily in the favor of air. You're looking at spending around $300 or more for the WC parts that you listed. After you've done that you will have more noise causing items in your case than a top end air cooling setup: 2 fans and the pump. Then you have to deal with interior or exterior mounting of the hardware in the case. How much of an OC do you plan on doing and will this be a 24/7 OC or just for show? If you really want WC that is comparable to high-end air cooling in noise, then you should put on:
    1. Thermochill PA160 radiator
    2. Pump: either the Eheim 1046/1048
    or a Laing DDC-1 (Swiftech MCP350) with a Petra's Top
    Laing DDC-1 with Petra top installed
    3. Get somePetra's Gel Stuff to go under the pump for vibration dampening.
    The Scythe fans would be good, but I would put on a Yate Loon D12SL-12. It has comparable noise/performance but only costs $5.

    The real question is why spend that when air cooling can get you to 3.96Ghz on a e6600 with the Ultra 120 Extreme? Increase fan speeds for hardcore OC and then decrease for a more reasonable OC. Even if you got the most expensive air cooling HSF for your vid card, you would still be less than half the cost of the WC setup. Take the extra money and put it toward a better video card...JMHO
  3. Right now I've got 4 additional Panaflo fans along with the 2 zalmans so the case is already pretty loud. Not sure on how much I'm going to OC, just going to try & squeeze out the most possible. Since I just build this sys last aug. I'm not looking to switch to Intel besides, in my personal experience I've always had problems with Intel & am not looking forward to switching to them if they still have the crown when i next look to upgrade. Def going to up the vid though by end of july.
  4. Why do it? Because you can, and it's fun. When someone delves into the water cooling world, price/performance is thrown out the window. Here, you're talking about performance, maximizing your hardware. Either that or going for ultra quiet pc performance. Either way, average joe is not going to consider the increased cost benefit of water cooling. Mainly because there isn't one. I've spent a grand on my water cooling setup, and I plan on spending more. I find it highly rewarding and enjoyable tweaking and adding to my water cooling setup.

    The point being, when you decide to water cool your hardware, you aren't concerned about the additional cost. You have to think of it this way: You buy an E6600 for just over $200, spend another $300 on your water cooling setup. overclock to 4GHZ, or more, smoke the performance of the stock x6800 for a fraction of the cost.

    Oh, and cdonato, the stuff your looking at is all great gear. I use mostly swiftech and I can't complain.
  5. Exactly, I hven't done it & want to give it a shot, plus I've been watching the temp creep upward as the weather gets hotter. Not worried about the cost of the E6600, just in my thought pipe I'd rather jump the graphics card & do the water cooling, than change a perfectly fine cpu when it isn't need right now.

    Cool thanks for the thoughts on the parts. Yeah the reviews I read said made swiftech seem pretty good. My other thought was to go for the Koolance Exios2 rather than do the pump,res,rad internally.
  6. I understand the desire to tweak and maximize performance. If that's a person's primary reason, then more power to them! I do it myself, but I feel that I have to talk to people about cost/benefit vs air first...
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