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Anyone know a great program that can enhance video quality? For example, if I wanted to enhance a AVI video file that has a bit rate of 128K and make to a HD 320K. Samething as if I take a WVM player file of a bit rate of 2K and make it to a 4K+ bit rate quality. These reason why I'm looking for this program is because after installing K-Lite Codec Pack a lot of AVI files under 106K looks real crappy to me. Samething for WMV files under 1.3K bit rate.
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  1. Guess no one knows a program that can do this. What about a program/software that can enhance a 800 x 600 jpg file and make it a HQ 1000 x 1600 and higher? Would that be PhotoShop?
  2. Photoshop would be one program. But, there is a free program called Ifranview that will let you increase the resolution of jpg files.

    As for video, I don't think there is anything that will make poor bit rate movies look better. You can find programs that will increase the resolution, but that won't make it look much better. For instance, if the video has artifacting because of the low bit rate, those artifacts will remain on the "up-converted" version too.
  3. You may be also interested in a post I wrote on how to enhance video quality for low-res and dark videos using a free online service. Great for videos taken from your digital camera, etc.
  4. I use vReveal. It can double the resolution and you can even same your video file in HD.

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