Is there a cheaper upgrade path from 32bit VISTA to 64bit VISTA?

So I want 64bit VISTA but i have 32bit VISTA. Is there a cheaper 32bit to 64bit upgrade path? Is it true that i have no options but to buy a brand new VISTA 64bit copy?

STORY: So I bought Windows XP Pro 32bit with VISTA 32bit upgrade back in January. This was about 10 days before VISTA came out. So Then MS sent me the VISTA 32 bit upgrade (which coincides with my Windows XP that i bought) I have still not installed VISTA 32bit yet cause im wating for driver updates for all my programs...

The problem is that i really should have filled out and had sent to me the 64bit version of VISTA. Now that i realize I need 64 bit to take advantage of my 4GBs of RAM. Im not even going to use the 32bit one.
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  1. If you have a Retail copy of Vista, then Microsoft will send you a 64 bit CD for something like $10 for handling.
  2. Yeah, what I did. There is a piece of paper stating that and tell you what/where to go. By the way, there is no 64bits box for sell. Only the Ultimate have both disk included.
  3. So I am out of luck if I have an OEM copy right?
    I wen to that link and it keeps reporting an error.
    Ofcourse it might be cause i have never installed my copy of Vista that im leaving the serial num for.
  4. For that, I am not sure. May be you can call them?
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