Tell me why am i getting low fps please...

I recently bought a Splinter Cell Double Agent and im having 20-25 fps :( on this machine.

Pentium D 820 2.8 Ghz
X1950 Pro pcie (512mb)
jeantech arctic 600W
2 x 512mb RAM

My pc is an upgraded packard bell 1559...

Is the cpu possible cause of this low fps?
the memory?
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More about tell please
  1. to me it looks like the cpu :X i had a p4 3.6 a 6800gt and 2x512 corsair ram, and splinter cell gave me good fps :)
  2. :(
    Looks like I have no choice but to play SC with 20-25fps :(
    cant OC because the bios is locked tight :(
  3. does your mobo have onboard video?, if yes make sure you've disabled it and removed old drivers that come with restore discs
  4. the board has no on board card and ive used driver cleaner before i install the x1950 pro
  5. What resolution are you playing at?
    Also go to catalyst control centre and in the 3d tab change the standard settings to performance that should give you a few more fps.
  6. It's pretty easy to find out - bring the graphics down to 640x480 and you'll soon realise whether it's the graphics card or the CPU.
  7. gpippas,
    Im playing at 1024x768. I haven't tried performance setting yet, because i was expecting a good fps at my current setting :(

    I'll try to use the 640x480 res.thanks
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