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mojopac,ceedo,prayaya,u3--portable applications are changing our life

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April 14, 2008 7:02:42 AM

Since the usb flash drive has come to our life, new technologies based on flashdiscs -which make our life easier- are improved continuously. four of them are portable programmes which emulates host computer’s operating system and uses its resources, named Mojopac, Prayaya v3,U3, Ceedo. With these softwares you catch the chance to use your favourite programmes, play games and carry your personal data in your pocket. Prayaya v3 ,U3,Mojopac and Ceedo which give you opportunity to use personal and private operating system, seems to be talked about their names in the future.

These products which are created with “carry your computer in your pocket” idea, doesn’t effect from viruses or trojans on host pc and also give you the platform for playing your favourite games and use your software. And at the end when you finish your job and close Mojopac ,Ceedo,Prayaya v3 or U3, they don’t leave any information or track on host pc.

Let’s have a look these four softwares.

Mojopac comes with four main user group. These are “The Professional”, “The Parent”, “The Gamer” and “The Student”.

1. It is an easy-use and small software
2. It is free
long loading time

Prayaya v3
Prayaya V3 is a Mini-Windows which allows you to have your required programs and data on a USB Flash Drive or any Portable Storage Devices.Carry your data files,settings and applications (such as Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, MSN) on a USB storage device or iPod.


download prayaya v3 30-day trial

1. Fashionable work and life style.

2. Compatible with hundreds of software applications, nearly all popular applications included;

3. Extending interface allows end users to make their own apps portable;

4. Multilingual User interface;

5. Leave no trace behind on the host PC;

6. Enables a safe portable computing environment for users speaking different

7. languages from all over the world

8. Full end user support from Prayaya

Create your own portable personal virtual workspace on portable storage devices. Download applications from the Programs Directory or install your own.

New Features
1.Enhanced application support.
2.Ceedo registry stability improvements.
3.New languages added: Cyrillic Serbian & Latin Serbian.
4.Windows Vista support.
5.Password protection.
6.Extended language support (French, Italian, German and Spanish).
7.Offline help.


Carry and access your files easily
Keep your data safe and secure
Comes with pre-loaded software
Hundreds of software titles available[/url]
April 14, 2008 11:16:19 PM

advertising is only allowed in the 'classified' section. BTW, you are dead wrong
to assume that os's on flash drives are virus free.

April 24, 2008 7:33:25 AM

hate U3 , My kingston U3 drive takes more than 1 min to load sometimes.
April 25, 2008 6:53:38 AM

surrealdeal said:
advertising is only allowed in the 'classified' section. BTW, you are dead wrong
to assume that os's on flash drives are virus free.


My post maybe an ad or a spam in your opinion,but "you are dead wrong
to assume that os's on flash drives are virus free", i don't agree with you.
First,all of them(ceedo,u3,prayaya v3, mojopac) have the performance of VirusScan.
Second,they have the mechanism to protect themselves!

L have written a review about ceedo , u3 ,prayaya v3 and mojopac.