PCL XL Error with HP 4250

Hi, I have been having some irritating problems regarding printing to a HP 4250.
Iam using Windows XP with Office 2007, I have a HP 4250 laser printer with the manual tray, one built in and one added on. We use some visual basic macro's in word, I dont think these would be effecting anything as the code is very simple, However from time to time I get the error code below printing out on the sheet. I have changed the driver back and forth between versions ( original and latest ) however nothing seems to sort the problem.


Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

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  1. FIXED: PCL XL error when printing to a HP printer

    I fixed this problem by installing the KB948046 Hotfix from Microsoft (thanks to Brent Follett from forums11.itrc.hp.com for pointing me in the right direction).

    To download and install this hotfix, search for “hotfix KB948046” or go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948046 and click on “view and request hotfix downloads”.

    You will be prompted for an email address, the URL for the hotfix together with a password will be emailed to that address.

    Install the hotfix and reboot the system. The problem was fixed for me at this point.

    I tried to print before rebooting, but that did not fix the problem, a reboot is essential.

    More information:
    I encountered this problem on a HP 2605 (laserjet) printer (HP2605) that was shared from a Windows Small Business Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 (SBS SP2).
    When printing from networked machines the error was printed out on the printer. After installing the KB/948046 hotfix on the server only and rebooting the server, the problem was fixed.
    I also installed other updates on the server before installing the hotfix using Microsoft Update.
    For more information visit http://www.brightvisions.co.uk
    If you don’t have a website yet, visit http://www.set8.net and if you have a website list it on http://www.searchourworld.com

    I hope you found this useful and this fix works for you. Happy Hunting!
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