Drive says no access, when try to connect win 95 to xp computer

I have a wd Western Digital Caviar 6.4 GB,Internal,5400 RPM,3.5" (AC36400) Hard Drive, functioning fine,
however I pulled it from my old gateway. I bought an ez-connect cable and hooked it up to my dell xp computer to retrieve files.

I showed up as a Qfile and i was denied access when i tried to open it. I thought it might be the driver.
i made sure 7-zip was updated and i tried to open the driver with this. I dont think i even need a driver.

I read to go to computer-manage=disk management= and add simple drive. or reformat which i'm afraid to do.

Is there a reason why I cannot open my drive? and do you have specific instructions. I don't want to damage this HD before I get my files off of it.
Thank you,
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  1. I asked you more questions on the OTHER thread you created. . .
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