A Question for Avast! Users Concerning Free vs. Pro Versions

I was looking at Avast! and comparing their Free vs. Pro. Both have the new anti-rootkit as and the following is what the Pro offers in addition over the Free:

Enhanced User Interface
Command-line Scanner
Defining your own antivirus tasks [whatever this means]
Working with the task results (actions on infected files)
Storing the scan results (history)
PUSH updates
Script Blocker
Virus notifications (task-based)
Task Schedule

* Is there anything that stands out warrenting the Pro over the Free? How inportant is having script blocking? Thanks,
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  1. I am using the Free version of Avast! on my new computer with a Vista x64 OS, and I am more than happy with its results and efficiency.

    I rarely have virusses on any of my computers throughout all the years, and last night I found two as I did one of my monthly scans.

    Avast! Home Edition (the Free version) removed them instantly.

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