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We have a setup at work where everyone is using win xp. We are on a workgroup and have no server os installed. We do daily backups of all pc's onto one backup pc also running win xp.

I've been trying to find some way of restricting access to files / folders on the backup pc. I found some software which requires passwords to show hidden files etc but i prefer the method where if someone clicks on a folder it will ask them for a password. This will also allow each user to have their own password rather than the above mentioned software which will show all hidden folders with one password.

Is there a built in feature for xp which does not require all of us to be on a domain and will do the same thing with folder permissions? I have tried turning off simple file sharing but then i cannot get the permissions to work properly. or a third party software that will give each folder a different password?

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  1. Without using Lock&hide or a 3rd party software you can only set permission
    XP PRO: In Windows Explorer, go to Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing. Now, when you right click on a drive, folder or file (on an NTFS partition) and select Properties, you’ll see a Security tab. Here you can assign or deny permissions based on user name or user group membership.
  2. I've tried that but windows does not find any of the other computers on the network. Therefore, when i try to set permissions for a particular machine or user it tells me this object does not exist.

  3. Ok did some reading and What i see is this. A user that has permission to a shared network like you, they are using a net guest account.
    With guest account turned off, type this in the run command. (net user guest xxxxxx) xxxxxx representing your password, type exactly as shown without the brackets. I tried this on my network and I need the password to access the shared folder using a network ID (WARNING CAN CAUSE SECURITY ISSUES) This also allows anyone linked to .net and sharing, gain access to your network ID, I am sure this can be done through setting up a guest account, I have not tested this and I don't think setting a guest account will work, guest account is for someone using your computer as a guest. Thanks To:
    for this great info.

    The process for creating network ID:
    System Properties
    Network ID/ Network wizard, next, Select a radio button, again choose a radio button.
    I have a home network called (xxxxxx) all the computers owners on this network create their network ID in the same workgroup
  4. bumped to make sure you got it, its working for me but what I see is the person that logs into your computer has access to the shared untill their system is restarted. I use network neighbour hood and when I close the share then open it again I don't need the network ID however if I turn restart the computer and try again I need the network ID.
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